Home Search in Morro Bay

As I was leaving Germany a few close friends and family members said, “oh, don’t worry, the time will go by quickly by the time you return”. I think they were saying that to comfort me. My reaction was, however, that I hope the time goes by very slowly. My feeling is that if days and weeks just fly by and you’re a year older without even noticing, then something is not so hot. Life is boring. If, though, a week seems like a month, then you are experiencing life intensely.


The surfing gang at Morro Rock (aka The Pit)

Well, rest assured, the week since my last entry has been intense. It seems like a month or more. I must admit it has been a bit too intense. I have hardly had a moment to sit down and read my book or write in my journal (ah ha) or do nothing. This is fun but it can’t be sustained for too long.


A struck of luck gave us this great house

The home search was one hell of an adventure. At some point, I was ready to just give up. One rejection after another. I even got a rejection yesterday after I already had my new place. For some reason my profile had minimal chances against all those vulture rental-seekers out there. Maybe I am too old, maybe they don’t like the fact that I lived in Germany and that my employer is in Germany. Maybe they don’t like my long, unkempt hair.

My home search started a few months ago on a website called craigslist. It’s a non-commercial site, which has basically killed the classified ads in newspapers, one of their most important revenue sources. From Germany, I was looking but realized that it was futile because the rentals were always available immediately and they all wanted to see the potential tenant.

nature shop in slo.jpg

One of many cool messages around San Luis Obispo

We came up to my sister’s in Morro Bay last week and I jumped right in and drove all over and looked at various apartments, condos and houses. We saw amazing places and we saw some dumps. One place had a view directly over the harbor in Morro Bay. On my first visit it stunk of fish but the view was a sell. Another place had paint peeling off the exterior walls, spider webs up and down the entry way and looked more like a converted storage building than a house.

I applied for the one with the view and never heard back from them. We looked at a few places way over my budget. One was a very nice, small house on a lot overlooking a beautiful valley. The landscaping around the house was draught-resistant and blended perfectly into the environment. It had a back porch and sitting down on a chair I just wanted to remain there for the rest of the afternoon. That guy also rejected me.

One of our last hopes was a cute little house a few blocks from the beach in Morro Bay. It was a house from the fifties, with a vaulted ceiling, wooden trim on the windows and real wooden cabinets in the kitchen. I applied for that one but had delayed paying the $60 application fee. The girls and I had a nice chat with the two male owners but as I saw all the interested parties milling around the open house, I got totally depressed and felt I had no chance. There were young students, a young couple with no kids, a single woman and a man who had just suffered from stroke and was hardly able to speak. Yesterday I got an email from that guy saying they had decided on another person.

So many rejections in one week was trying. But, I don’t give a damn. I got a place and its awesome. It’s a charming two-bedroom, two bath unit in San Luis Obispo. It’s fully furnished and the owners are extremely friendly.

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