Susa arrives, Hollywood and my Home

It’s been a full, fun and exciting week. My wife, Susa, arrived safely in at the LA airport after having spent five days with our son Joshua near Stockholm, Sweden. Joshua is at a year-long school called Youth International Youth Initiative Program ( where he is taking seminars on great topics like restorative justice, the art of hosting, politics and governance, storytelling and much more. He lives and learns with a group of 29 youngsters from around the world. Susa got to visit him and see what its all about first hand. We are so happy for him that he discovered this wonderful place and is learning and experiencing so much.


Joshua’s “Check-In” group at YIP

Before picking up Susa at the airport Theresa, Lisa and I took a spin through Beverley Hills and Hollywood. The girls took some wonderful pictures. It was fun for me to be there with them, although hanging around Hollywood and Vine is not exactly my favorite pastime. I think the pictures do a great job of expressing Theresa and Lisa’s experience.

The next day we got to visit my old home, the house I spent my first 17 years at. It still brings back such intense memories that I often had to pause for a deep breath.

It’s great having Susa with us. We enjoyed a night camping out at Refugio State Park north of Santa Barbara. After a ten-minute walk on the beach in the morning, we spend an hour scrubbing oil off our feet. The coast there is famous for oil. Apparently, a lot of it is naturally occurring, but all the oil spills over the years have certainly played a role.

Enjoy the photos.


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